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We're a little different... In a good way! We're an eco-friendly, cruelty free, environmentally conscious medi spa and we want you to feel comfortable and relaxed from the moment you walk in!

We aim to bring you products we're passionate about that check off the boxes of all things important to us! We simply want to align ourselves with other like minded companies... So you can trust us to bring you the products we trust!

Eco-friendly, cruelty free, cleaner products, Canadian & local based companies, women owned businesses, are just some of those boxes we try to check off when making our selection.

Our goal is to assess, diagnose and treat your skin with the most current and effective products & equipment, while helping you feel relaxed and comfortable in our hands! We pride ourselves in taking the time to consult with you to establish our future SKIN-goals and to ensure that your wants and needs are being met. 


Here, at Peaches n Creams Skin Studio Ltd., we believe we should leave the world and the people around us looking and feeling their best! A little pampering is so  important and can help you replenish & restore your vibrancy & energy.


We can sometimes feel a little overwhelmed with all the latest trends in the beauty industry but we're here to help make sense of it all. We can guide you through the different treatments, services, and skincare available and make the right selections while establishing realistic goals with your skincare routines.

At Peaches n Creams, you can be certain the staff is knowledgeable about products and services and you will be met with honesty and integrity every time.

We have chosen a naturalistic, cruelty free, eco-friendly approach to beauty and the brands we've selected follow similar philosophies to our own. We try to put a focus on more local, Canadian and women owned & run businesses as we care and we want to show our support

We also believe that skincare, beauty and wellness go hand in hand, and is meant to be a journey.

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